The Cove Cocktail Bar has been established for over 40 years. Recently, their goals incorporated building a social media presence to reach not only new and existing customers, but whiskey enthusiasts worldwide. Aside from expanding their reach, we're raising the aspirations of the owners, taking part in organically redefining The Cove’s brand identity. Our role with The Cove is to understand the brand and develop a feel, a look, that captures the culture and history of its roots through video, photo and design..

We pride ourselves in being projectors for our clients -- to be the ones who take their passion, their story, and what makes them unique, and spotlight it with visual and narrative focus.

After long chats and heart-to-hearts with the owner of The Cove, we arrived at one word to keep at the front of our minds: reliability. The Cove has a storied past as West Covina’s first, and now longest-standing, cocktail bar. They built themselves on stressing the importance of quality and option. You can rely on them not to water down their drinks. You can rely on them to be one of the few bars outside of LA to carry your particular brand of bourbon. You can rely on them to make their best Old Fashioned time and time again But, if you haven’t been to The Cove, you don’t know this yet. That’s where we come in.



  • Full video production: from thought to paper to execution

  • Provide 4K High-quality content fit for all social media platforms

  • Brand-conscious set design for aesthetic

  • Graphic & logo design

  • Offer voice over for personal effect

  • Social media analytics




One way we love tailoring this content is by creating easily digestible “shows” or “segments,” mainly primed for Instagram and YouTube. Rather than spitting raw information at the viewers, we dig for their engagement with modern, attention span-friendly videos:



Absolutely LOVE your content! Seeing how well you prepare these drinks make me want a drink!
— emma wayne